SEW: Baby Doll Clothing

Baby & fabrics

Everything I know about sewing as a teenager/adult, I taught myself. My mom taught me the basics when I was young and my home ec pillow project covered the same, but everything from there on out has just been a lot of trial and error or Google. (Honestly, this is how most of my crafty skills came about.) I don’t do things by the book until I come across something where I learn to do it that way, so the effort of tonight’s sewing and yesterday and today’s G-search (Google “research”, which I just made up) is going to be a lot of trial and error.

Baby & fabrics

Dolly Baby and the beginnings of new clothes.

See, Dolly needs a wardrobe, because the Munchkin is now finally into playing with her baby dolls in earnest. Technically, Princesses Aurora, Belle, Cinderella (ABC, hee!) and Rapunzel, as well as Hannah and Lola of the 11 1/2 inch and I-didn’t-measure-Rapunzel-yet-but-she-kind-of-has-a-Skipper-body doll variety were first, but the last things I sewed were for myself and the Munchkin, so I’m working up to the intimidating process of teeny tiny doll clothing.

Dolly (who still does not have a name, at least one that has stuck) has exactly one and a half outfits. One outfit is the footie pyjama pants, top and attached cap that came with her. The other is a jacket and diaper for a doll the closest size to her, which you can see by the arms, is still too big. I’m too cheap to spent as much on doll clothes as I would on clothes for the Munchkin, so here we are. A combination of Dolly’s clothes, patterns found online and quite a few tip-giving pages on very basic pattern construction has led to tonight, in which I’ll be attempting a doll cloth diaper, a simple play dress, and maybe some pants and/or jacket and pant pyjamas (if I feel like trying to figure out how to do a button hole with my sewing machine. NO, I DON’T KNOW HOW YET and I’ve had the machine since 2003.).

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